Melinda Maria

Melinda Maria is based in Los Angeles, California. The brand embodies the essence beautiful, modern and fun. " I want you to feel beautiful, sexy and unstoppable. My hope is that my jewelry reminds you to sparkle, to follow your passion, and to live the life you dream." - Melinda Maria. Melinda Maria's collections dazzle Hollywood's biggest fashion icons on the red carpet and all over the world. Melinda Maria has established a loyal following of celebrity A-listers promotion E! Television to give her the title of "Hollywood Bling Queen". She was inspired to create a high quality bridge jewelry line that looks and feels real, but that remains accessible to women everywhere. Melinda Maria company's success is due to the great attention to detail and quality. The raw and organic style makes each piece one of a king and the superior quality allows the jewelry to be passed on for years.

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