Charleston Shoe Company

The Charleston Shoe Company has just as unique of a background as the shoes they produce. While at The College of Charleston, founder Neely Powell met a cobbler whose practical sandals were worn by everyone from the villagers to the visitors. Realizing the importance of this practicality, simplicity and comfort, Neely took this idea to her mother and they created a line of shoes sold at furniture markets. The shoes were an overnight success, and the wholesale market was born. Dreaming of taking this market to another level, Neely enrolled in design classes at The Savannah College of Art and Design. In 2010, Neely Powell used her knowledge of design and entrepreneurial spirit to launch her very own line in the heart of Savannah, GA. Working with a fourth generation cobbler from Mexico, where Neely had grown up spending her Summers, these hand-sewn sandals were embraced by everyone. With their first storefront in Savannah, named Savannah Shoe Company, the "cobblestones to cocktails" shoe line has grown by leaps and bounds. Shortly after The Savannah Shoe Company storefront was opened, another was opened in downtown Charleston, SC. Unable to keep up with the high demand, the wholesale company Charleston Shoe Company was created in 2011. You can now find these amazingly stylish yet comfortable shoes in many designs and colors, in boutiques across the country. And believe me, once you slip on a pair of these shoes, you will understand the reason for their seemingly overnight success.